Duncan in the Gambia
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I'm a VSO IT and Data Analysis Trainer living in Basse, the Gambia. The views expressed in this blog are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of VSO. Are you going to volunteer in the Gambia?

Nicked and St Louis

I have taken some time off work to visit a bit of Senegal and take Bruna back to the airport in Dakar, which means a lot of sept-place’ing. I’m becoming a bit of an expert in it now. I now don’t even notice that I am in a car, let alone that I am sharing it with seven other people (three more than the car was designed for).

First stop Dakar, we arrived quite late but managed to squeeze in the most amazing tuna salad at the French Institute before bed. Unfortunately, however, there are no photos of this amazing meal, nor are there any photos of the live chickens that shared the sept-place boot with our bags all afternoon, nor will there be any pictures of anything for at least a while… because I got my camera nicked. I got pick-pocketed just outside the French Institute.

So, here’s a picture-less update on St. Louis. We arrived here by sept-place this afternoon and after finally excepting that we did in fact need a taxi to take us from the gare routiere (sept-place station) to the town we discovered a really nice hotel. We did a bit of deliberately getting lost and explored most of the island’s narrow street before eating the best pizza I’ve had in Africa. Tomorrow we’re going visit a photo exhibition and maybe try catch a gig in the evening. 

  1. amywhoisawesome said: Oh no! One of my housemates had his phone (which was also his camera) and computer stolen when we were in the Gambia. It seems like you have his attitude, though: it’s the memories that count more :) With those, who needs pictures! Also yay pizza!
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